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Machining of titanium

Titanium is a valuable material that has become an indispensable part of modern aircraft and spacecraft thanks to its strength, corrosion resistance and low weight. Structural parts made from titanium meet the most stringent mechanical requirements, for example in engine suspensions, landing gear components and wing suspension parts. Titanium is also used in high-temperature applications.

Aircraft Philipp has been specializing in the machining of complex structural components made from titanium for several decades. In addition to the challenges involved in processing, improving our materials input to achieve the most efficient material utilization (buy-to-fly ratio) and optimizing the value chain also play important roles. Plates, forgings, profiles, bars and castings are used as primary materials.


Our machining operations employ highly efficient processes and modern, high-performance equipment, some of which has been specially adapted to our applications and have 3/4/5-axis machining capabilities. Complex component geometries and large dimensions are our specialty. We process parts with lengths of up to 7 meters.



The parts are machined in Germany (Übersee, Karlsruhe) or at the site of our strategic partner Sansera Engineering in India.