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Additive manufacturing

We are researching the use of additive manufacturing for aerospace components and operate an industrial test facility for the production of build-up welded components made from titanium – WAAM (wire arc additive manufacturing).


WAAM is a tool-free manufacturing process used to produce near-net-shape blanks in layers. A CNC-controlled burner is used to apply the material to the desired areas and form the blank. The finished component is then machined to completion, for example in a conventional milling process. Its additive approach makes WAAM an especially promising option for the production of complex aerospace components whose challenging geometries mean that an especially high proportion of the solid material has to be machined (> 90%).


Concurrently, we are also working with AMAG on the development of special alloys as primary materials for 3D-printing complex aluminium components.


We draw on the expertise of our Science & Technology Advisory Board with Professor Haas (Graz University of Technology), who manages specialized research laboratories in the field of machining and 3D manufacturing.